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You linked me to cancer. At least archive the article.

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2020: Muslim is now Australia's Number one religion.

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Highly unlikely... considering that of the 60% who claimed a religion only 2.8% were muslim.

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See if you can reduce that number, for science.

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https://archive.is/sMLEM | :

"No Religion" Is Now Australia's Number One Religion

'Those aged from 18 to 34 were most likely to report not having a religion (39%) than other age groups. '

'For the first time ever, "no religion" has overtaken any single religious denomination, toppling Catholicism as the number one religious affiliation for Australians, the latest national census released on Tuesday revealed. '

'In 1966 only 0.8% of Australians ticked the box for "No religion", which includes atheists, secularists and agnostics. '

'The proportion of people reporting no religion increased to 30.1% in 2016 – up from 22% five years ago, and nearly double the 16% reported in 2001. '

'Those aged 65 years and over were more likely to report a religious affiliation. '

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BuzzFuck? You seriously have the stones to link that shit here?


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Stuff like this article getting dozens of upvotes is how I can tell voat is in the beginning stages of being astroturfed. Not to mention all the comments taking part in """discussing""" the content of the article.

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good. The sooner the jew worshipping stops the sooner whites can unite

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Who is worshiping Jews?

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Hollywood is an electric synagogue.

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buzzfeed, no thanks i'm good.

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That's only because they didn't include "SJW/Cultural Marxism" on the list of religions.

Thanks to those fuckers the number one religion throughout the Western world will soon be Islam.

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Silly Hrap, Christians are the sjw marxists. (Love thy neighbor because 'I said so' rather than love based on merits.)

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And SJWs are thanks to the slipping of Christianity

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maybe amongst white Australians; what about all the aboriginals and S. Asians- and Muzzies they are being flooded with?

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The flooding stopped. They can still come here by applying though.

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Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you.

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