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I want to go there.

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Yeah, ideologies aside, that's an awesome replica. It looks like the set piece for an epic movie.

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I find that people who are dedicated enough to devote that many resources to something are generally interesting people to listen to. I listened to a half hour pod cast one time about someone who raised chickens. He really knew chickens. Also this movie. I couldn't believe I watched the whole thing.

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Not a replica if it never existed :P might be a nice piece of work but that noahs ark story is the least believable story ever told.

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https://archive.is/lDRRR | :

Creationist Noah's Ark Park Hilariously Blames Atheists for Its Declining Profits | Alternet

'Maybe I should have.”The park says it provides jobs for roughly 900 people, all of whom have to “confirm agreement with Ark Encounter’s Statement of Faith,” according to the Ark Encounter employment website. '

'That’s particularly bad news considering that Answers in Genesis, the ministry behind the Ark Encounter, was given huge financial breaks, from state tax incentives to generous reductions in property taxes. '

'A Noah’s ark-themed museum in Williamstown, Kentucky was supposed to bring in a deluge of tourists to flood local businesses and leave owners awash in profits. '

'Now approaching the one-year anniversary of its grand opening, park co-founder Mike Zovath said visitor tallies will hit 1 million as of July. '

'As Patheos notes, while one recent article did err on two small points related to the Ark Encounter, local business owners haven’t challenged accounts that their profit margins haven’t been raised by Ham’s project. '

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Usually bad press is still good press if you have the right product. Example: Chick-fil-a.