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When Atheists see this, they say, "THERE IS NO GOD, YOU BELIEVE IN A INVISIBLE MAN".

What they really mean is, our country operates under the value systems that god gave us.

You see.. When we lose what makes us human, it is our destiny that we all will be consumed in chaos.

Have you never seen people say "God told me to do it"? you need to know that having your morality based on a incommunicable being is a dangerous way to think. I would argue the reason for the lack of morals in the US is due to religion and the fact the 'God' will forgive you rather than being accountable for you actions and how they affect others in life.

Women subjected to Marxism, feminize men to the point of castration, allowing ANY INVADER TO COME IN AND TAKE OVER.

She then claims that, the Men don't care and are just accepting the fact there is nothing to do. Which is the ongoing trend in France, Canada, US, Bangladesh.. ANY WHERE MUSLIMS IMMIGRANTS ARE BEING MOVED INTO, THEY HAVE BEEN FEMINIZED.

As a Canadian I do not want immigrants from terrorist hot spots here but democracy is so broken it doesn't matter what we the people want. None of the people I know have been 'feminized' if anyone I know saw or heard about a rape or mistreatment of woman and the parties involved where identified, they would be done for. My wife and I both support immigration but not if they are unwilling to conform to local laws and culture.

My grandfather immigrated here from Ireland years ago and is a Canadian. If you've been in Canada for 5 years and have not learned any English I have an issue.

The real problem is the dumb shits have 12 children and intellectuals for lack of a better term are more conservative.

Religion is a lack of intelligence. People are scared of the unknown. Death is an unknown. Like being scared of the dark is scares people that you just die and that's it. People take comfort in knowing they have a reason for existence.

What is wrong with the golden rule. Treat people as you want to be treated? Why do I need 'God' to treat people correctly?

TL:DR Fuck religion and the stupid sheeps that fallow the wolfs.

If you want something done don't pray about it get off your ass.

If you still believe after this its gods will that you listen to ME!


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You need to listen to Jordan Peterson deconstruction it.

No man to pray to exist, thats silly. There is no GOD, god fills in the gaps of the unknown and that is it's role.

You aren't supposed to see god because god is unknown and can be anything.

Example :

You drop your wrench on the floor on accident when turning. You heard the wrench hit the floor, but when you turned around it was inside the engine bay, sitting on the motor.

You can then apply the expression, "God knows how that got there", but God is the psychics that took place behind your back, not a old man with the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Yes, PEOPLE DO BELIEVE IN THAT GOD! The majority of practicing Christians don't take the full book seriously and don't actually believe in the old man. So let's clarify what says about treating people.

He believes in having a good life, which means treating people nice in turn so they treat you nice. You start with your wife, then family, then community, then state. All with the goal of having a good life, but on a INDIVIDUAL LEVEL, no big government. This is the way that works the best and we have proof it does. This is HOW YOU BE A HUMAN that can experience happiness in natural rolls that we are at home doing.

"Religion is the lack of intelligence", sounds like myself when i was 21 or so.. It's not.. nothing close really. It's people who have adopted alike moral values so they can mirror each other in the population. This is how a successful country has to run. Or you can be Sweden below.

https://youtu.be/FluvpeD6lhQ Skip to 40:20 too see why we CANT LET IT HAPPEN HERE AND HOW WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR MEN ALL OVER THE WORLD. Not fucking hide on the computers. We should be shipping Testosterone out to IT departments, injecting random SJW men with enough testosterone to Redpill them in a week. We should be creating Meme after meme aimed at feminized men being castrated from the epidemic of studies that show new born males in the snowflake area have extremely low testosterone and it could be accounting for why so many are defecting to the dark side. They are still men! The way to WIN IS BY BEING MEN AND STANDING UP TO OUR WOMEN AND NOT TO LET THEM CASTRATE US. SPEAK YOUR MIND, YOUR GENETIC LINE ISN'T WORTH PUSSY.

Lack of true human values = low birth rates, low birth rates = need of immigrants, whiny feminized men because of womens selection for being nice Castrated men won't defend their woman anymore, even accusing them that they are the problem. Real men move in that aren't castrated Fuck yo bitches and exterminate your race!


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The idea of god was just a tactic the 1% uses to control the sheep.

I am in IT and I promise you I fucking give every moron a hard time. I call bullshit how it is. Just like I am here with this and if you where in front of me you would revive the same responses.

When I was 21 I believed in god. The best reasoning I've heard that I agree with is This

If you don't want to watch here is the best quote.

“It’s utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?”

Pressed by Byrne over how he would react if he was locked outside the pearly gates, Fry says: “I would say: ‘bone cancer in children? What’s that about?’

'Be good for goodness sakes' not for some old book that we need to disregard certain sections of because they are literally bullshit.

Lack of true human values = low birth rates, low birth rates = need of immigrants

wow not getting it. lack of human values would promote birth. You would fuck unprotected because you don't care about what happens also referred to as a lack of values.

Immigration is a product of consumerism and supply and demand. Need more people to sell to to have reason to make more products. Lather rinse repeat. Immigration.

In summary god is a creation of man. There would be no god if not for man. Other intelligent being do not pray to air!? If you raised a child with out religion do you think he would find god on his or her own at some point? No because that shit is made up.

I am profoundly saddened deeply that you seem to hold those man made ideals in such a high regard. I hope someday you will think back to this conversation and realize the merit of what I am telling you.

You don't need god or any ideology to be a good person and work towards common goals that help your community and civilization as a hole. The fact you think it is such a base need for humanity scars me deeply.

If everyone thinks like you we are doomed as a species.

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Well, The Leninist version is what does the brainwashing. The one I speak of, Socialism being the end result though.


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You're an idiot.


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Ding ding ding, found the castrated male!!