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Neutrinos on Ice: Astronomers' Long Hunt for Source of Extragalactic "Ghost Particles" Pays Off - Scientific American

'IceCube, a strange telescope made of deep glacial ice at the South Pole, has detected neutrinos from a distant, luminous galaxy. '

'Because the neutrinos IceCube detected must have traveled in straight lines and must have been produced by hadrons, they indicate high-energy hadrons must have been emitted from the same blazar source. '

'The latest discovery represents only the second time—after the near-miraculous supernova—scientists have identified neutrinos and light coming from the same extragalactic object. '

'Because they are so cataclysmic and give off very energetic gamma rays, they have long been suspected of emitting not only high-energy neutrinos but also mysterious ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. '

'Because the cosmic rays that bombard Earth are made up predominantly of protons and heavier nuclei, the simple fact a blazar has now been shown to produce high-energy neutrinos is the first solid clue to a possible source of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. '

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