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Another pet peeve: Neither is the connection between delaying childbearing (or not having children) and increased breast cancer risk ever mentioned either...yet educated middle-class girls (the people you actually want having kids) have it drummed into their heads that it's a great idea to put off marriage & having kids until they're "established in their careers" or some nonsense.

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Hormonal birth control chemicals can also prevent the implantation of the new life into the uterine wall, causing abortions that nobody ever knows about except God. This was never taught to me in school.

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I knew about it. and i'm a guy. I think doctors are (or at least were 15 years ago) more open about risks and sideffects in germany.

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I'm a guy, I'm in America, I knew this. I'm not sure how so many don't.

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Endocrine disruprion is a silent plague on the bodies and minds of this era, from plastics to (((medicine))) to food, even behavioral modifications of working inside in front of screens, all (((goverment))) approved methods of making as many people chronicly ill, addicted to somthing profitable, unproductive and infertile as possible. A happy healthy society is bad for (((them))) as it cant be sold a cure, ideologically, socially, culturally if there is no problem, (((they))) must make 5hem.

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I don't remember that specifically being mentioned. I remember them handing me a tiny print risk sheet longer than my arm, and I remember stuff about blood clots. It really didn't seem like anyone I knew read the whole sheet or was expected to. I was a teenager, so I didn't read the whole thing, either.

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I wasn't even thinking about the fact that it starts getting pushed in adolescence! That's the grey area in age where you should be explicitly informed...

Did your mother have to give approval or something?

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Yeah, she did.

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I'm not sure you even have tits.

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At least you do. You make up for my deficiencies.

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If I had tits, I'd not be wasting time on you. I'd be playing with 'em.

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My wife's doctor told her. If your doctor didn't tell you - you needa new doctor.

Also, your a man so...

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