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In a word? Competency.

A guy has to run his own life successfully without babying.

Sounds basic I know, but it's what finally made me give up on my HS sweetheart. (P.S. Success =/= money, my husband and I married when he was still wrapping up his degree and we were poor as fuck).

Physical traits aren't what I was looking for, although everyone I dated has been white, so there's that.

Except fat and never going to change. But really just goes back to the first thing, competency. And fat people are not running their lives well in the health department, especially at our age. The man I married was maybe overweight when we got together, but has lost it and exercises. (We have gradually become shitlords as we have fewer fucks to give)

I could go on: intelligence and ability to entertain a room.

For ref, happily married with a kid. With more to follow. :)

Personally, I think women who want a man they can (or think they can) control are stupid, misled and short sighted, and will regret it when they have to do it all themselves, b/c they married fucking manchildren. I got a fucking partner, and so did he.

Damn this got long.


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I like stereotypically masculine men, with stereotypically masculine qualities. Basically, I like men who are in charge of their lives: leadership skills, decisiveness, financial savvy, and productive hobbies. On a more personal level, I like smart, funny guys. I like engineers and scientists. Im also very physically attracted to military guys, although no relationship has ever worked out dating any. However, an army ranger I very casually dated gave me my best ever complement.

My current significant other of 4 years is an engineer with his P.E., buys and rents property, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, SCUBA, biking, and doing ecology-related things with me like collecting mushrooms and gardening. He has seemingly unlimited energy and fucks like a stallion.

He's certainly not perfect, but we even out each other's strengths and weaknesses and deal with eachothers' flaws.

I guess I like a man who shares my interests and goals, takes me seriously, and acts unapologetically like a man.

Also, shoulders. Damn I love me some shoulders.


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Seconding everything here.


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Well put, thank you.

Wold you mind describing yourself in general terms so I might know a compatible person if I see one?


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I responded to this once but as I submitted it, Voat was "under a heavy load" so I am not sure if my response was submitted or not.

I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, snorkeling, budget travel, and gardening. I also love to cook and I especially love growing and cooking food from places I've traveled to get them as authentic-tasting as possible. I like spending time with my friends talking about girly stuff, working on projects with my boyfriend, and visiting family.

As far as compatibility goes, I think the most important thing is enjoying each others' company and sharing similar goals. If you and your partner want the same things out of life, you can make a relationship work because you're building a life together.

Hobbies may seem like a shallow thing upon which to judge a person, but to me, how someone spends their leisure time says a lot about them. If my boyfriend spent his days binge-watching Netflix, he and I wouldn't have much to do together, and I probably wouldn't have been drawn to him in the first place.


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I love that my husband and I have the same and very similar interests, his sense of humour, and his strong personality. I love that he's not wishy-washy and will tell it like it is and will push me to be a better me.


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This is completely stupid because all women are different as all men are different. So one woman would want a shy guy while one wants a super outgoing guy.


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So far there does seem to be a consensus on competency. It's a small sample size, but I think that if enough women answered we would definitely start seeing trends in the data.


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Silly lag-lag. I am of course asking about individual preferences.
Though... I guess the phrasing implies it'd be a general thing. Conceded.