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I was thinking about this the other day, actually. Between the whole fucking asshole attitudes and sense of self entitlement most of them seem to have(the fatties, that is), there's actually a deeper element to this.

These fuckers care about these fat tubs. They constantly remind them about how they're going to die prematurely, what they're doing and how they're inconveniencing people around them.

Some of them actually seem to want to make them better, by shaming them into waking the fuck up, putting down the XXL McHolyShit combo and living.

Of course, others just hate fat people.

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[–] cointelpro_shill 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

Yeah, it's the frustration of seeing someone kill themselves every day, the constant wondering why they don't just stop, since it'd be so easy. It's degenerate to do that kind of harm to your body in this day and age. Then you have "health at every size" trying to make people feel good about it, telling them it's natural and people should accept them how they are. There comes a point where you just have to say, fat people, fuck your individual feelings, yall need help. But FPH is for emotional catharsis, not activism, so they just keep the flame alive among themselves until the day is right.


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The other side of it is that fat people our a huge strain on our heathcare system and on taxes. A lot of them are on disability pensions and therefore don't contribute to society. They almost always end up in hospital with some sort of disease and when they're in there they're incredibly taxing on the staff and on the facilities there.

The fact that they are so pigheaded that they blatantly disregard that it's possible to loose weight, disregard the impact their making, and disregard how unhealthy their making is what's really pushing this movement. If they really were healthy and didn't drag down society there would be absolutely no problem with fat people. They'd be unattractive (to most) but that would be it, they wouldn't be hated on.

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If you want to be a better person, fine. Go do it. I'll even tell you useful information to that end. But if you won't change your ways, which is the only way to lose weight and keep it off long term no matter what anyone tells you, then you don't deserve any attention, special treatment, or to be accepted as a human being. You are a disgusting parasite.


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do you think the hate is self-loathing, or possibly, hate of what they used to be? e.g. former fatties


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Not for the most part, no. Just read some of the stories they post, and pay attention to emerging fattitudes. While there are some people who just genuinely hate the sight of fat people for whatever reason, there's also a lot of 'I didn't understand until today when blah blah blah...'.