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Because the system always sides with the woman. 99.99% of the time anyway. My ex used to hit me all the time but I just dealt with it. Then in a fit of rage she called the police and told them I hit her which I didn't. No marks or anything and I got arrested. Then she accused me of a bunch of stuff I didn't do to make me look bad to the court. When it comes to that kind of shit you are never innocent until proven guilty. You are guilty and have to prove otherwise. Some advice out there to any men dealing with this kind of shit, get out now. If you don't and it comes to a head you will get fucked by the courts every time. Because of the false accusations I had to go to anger management classes and I found that there are a shit ton of guys that went through the exact same shit I did and like myself thought they could handle it on their own. You can't. Get help. Get it documented or you will get fucked over by the system.