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Fucking exactly. I left Reddit because of the Pao Reich. Now that void is being filled by @henrycorp


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Welp, I made his ban list and never commented in his sub:

I was going to comment on a post by @NeedleStack,, and learned I was banned when my comment didn't stick. Fuck this guy. [Edit to add: as seen elsewhere: I agree with NeedleStack's post-- please separate the cancermod @henrycorp from other users' contributions]


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Yes, you were going to comment that you agree with me and respect my opinion (as you said in your personal message to me) but now you write this comment and point to my post which will only increase the brigade against the sub (and by proxy, me).


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I'm jealous--I've been inactive lately and missed the southpark drama, so I don't have the honor of being banned on this douchenozzle's subs.