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Fucking exactly. I left Reddit because of the Pao Reich. Now that void is being filled by @henrycorp


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Welp, I made his ban list and never commented in his sub: https://voat.co/v/environment/modlog/bannedusers

I was going to comment on a post by @NeedleStack, https://voat.co/v/environment/comments/1082131, and learned I was banned when my comment didn't stick. Fuck this guy. [Edit to add: as seen elsewhere: I agree with NeedleStack's post-- please separate the cancermod @henrycorp from other users' contributions]


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Yes, you were going to comment that you agree with me and respect my opinion (as you said in your personal message to me) but now you write this comment and point to my post which will only increase the brigade against the sub (and by proxy, me).


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I'm jealous--I've been inactive lately and missed the southpark drama, so I don't have the honor of being banned on this douchenozzle's subs.


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It seems the consensus is 'Fuck henrycorp'


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Yes, but fuck him how, exactly?

The reasons (and common mod) here: https://voat.co/v/environment/modlog/bannedusers should be a violation, but of what? Improper bannery?

Examples: - Why is it a bannable offence to be a member of "Trump PR staff"? - Where is the proof/evidence that all those accounts are "kevdude sockpuppet" accounts?

In fact, nothing on that list looks like a bannable offence. Also, there do not seem to be any subverse rules listed at all.

Perhaps "being a R****t power-mod" should be a generally bannable offense on Voat. Or perhaps set you up for extra scrutiny and/or restricted powers.


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Those type of bans should be reported to the voat admins, as they will be able to take ownership of the subverse and ban the offending mod.


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Don't censor yourself, it's Reddit.


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With a foot long dildo up the ass.


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Might want to check this out as well. Its coming at us from all sides at this point.




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So he's just like a Reddit mod but here. He should just kill himself and save everyone the hassle.


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He is literally a reddit powermod. Not 'like', is.


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Why is this even a question? No.


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So he's acting like a Reddit mod, only on Voat. He's not being a janitor, he's being a little tyrant.

How do we remove him from his janitorial duties? At what point can and should an admin step in?

This shouldn't be a site where you can get banned from any subverse for sharing opinions, only for spamming and other clear rule violations.


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@Stankybrawls does the same shit in /v/thedonald. Disagree? Ban hammer.


my personal favorite

Unbiased media my ass... by stanky_bawls in TheDonald [–]laikaislost 0 points (+0|-0) 2 days ago Because no trump supporter has ever yelled anything insightful or ever thrown a punch...

Don't pretend that the people you side with are saints. Living in a fantasy world ignorant of what is going on doesn't help anyone regardless of political affiliation.

"a pro-Trump demonstrator lunging with a Taser at an opponent" "A fiery Donald Trump supporter slapped a protester in the face during a rambunctious rally in Albany on Monday — and the blowhard billionaire did nothing to stop the brawl, choosing instead to compare demonstrators at the event to ISIS." "A protester attending the Donald Trump rally at the Tucson Community Center was caught on video being "sucker punched" as he was being escorted out of the building on Saturday." "Trump supporter charged after sucker-punching protester at North Carolina rally" But no, everyone anti-trump is a violent evil person, and all trump supporters are wonderful clean pure high schoolers. Seriously, shit like this doesn't help anyone and only further divides the country.

Gotta keep the propaganda getting brigaded to the front page nice and pristine.

IMO @stanky_bawls nor @henrycorp should be mods.


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The difference is that /v/thedonald, like /v/fatpeoplehate and /v/niggers, is a circlejerk subverse, and openly admits it on their sidebar. If you disagree with them, that's fine, but they don't want to hear about it in the one place where they are free to happily express their feelings with people who think the same way.

Meanwhile, every last subreddit and subverse by HenryCorp tries to pass itself off as something serious, even though they're actually all his own private little circlejerk (where if you don't agree with his ideas, you get instantly and permanently banned).


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It goes against the principals here at Voat to be preemptively banned from a sub where you've never commented. Fuck this guy: with the exception of spammers, No Mod should be allowed to do this shit.


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We came here to leave this kind of bullshit. If anybody wants to ban you for what subs you visit, they know exactly where to go back to.

EDIT: Fixed potentially hazardous mistake


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What a fucker. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey @henrycorp, eat a dick.


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Why violate someone's dick by suggesting he put it in his disgusting mouth? Dicks deserve respect, too!


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You have a point. #AllDicksMatter.

Thank you for persuading me, friend :)

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