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They probably thought it was a Wall-E mobile that was present to turn them all fat. What is the problem with driving a huge-self made robot? It adds an extra dimension to the civilizational complex in some manner or another.

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The problem is he isn't conforming. This is a classic case of what is wrong with Asians. Us faggots in the west are admiring him while his own community sees him as a problem. It would terrible if others followed his lead and started doing new things.

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I think some form of conformism is good, but when it sets itself up to get into the private life of others it is usually not a good thing at all. The problem when it becomes the basic constituency of society and systems of ethics.

This is never good and when it becomes fetishized which is what is currently happening with others you have the Balkanization of it that occurs, which is really terrible, and then it become crassly individualistic or you have major techies/the technocracy controlling things.

A good system of ethics should allow for some subjectivity, around of course a certain core of thought and a thought that always fit back into the context of a previous core of thought that grounded that particular system of ethics.