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Let this be a lesson to all you women out there -- never argue with your husbands.

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Why would she get out of the car? She’s the driver!

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you must be an american

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10 years of driving left hand and 20 years driving right hand. Anybody with some sense would know that the driver sits towards the middle of the road.

Gee, so people getting on the bus board on the driver’s side? Also look at the wipers. They focus on the driver’s side unless you drive a right hand Jeep or older VW. Fuck Germans for not bothering to change the wiper and turn signal stalks. And fuck all of European or American manufactures for not considering to flip the transmission. It’s a pain to drive a jeep with right drive because the tranny bulges into the passenger side.

Anything else you need to know about the bad practices of having a western car driving on right jhand side roads? Oh here’s a point, if you do drive a lefty on right hand road, pass real fast because that blind spot is huge!!!! Not fun at all!

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In China? I thought they killed women as babies...

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They used to. Or so the story went.

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How could she not see that huge bus coming? Was her view just blocked by the car behind them? Seems almost like a suicide.

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So blinded by femrage she identified as a superhero and figured waving her hands and saying stop would work.