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Wow that dude's butthurt.

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They hate us.

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https://archive.fo/FNUPi :

Five Stages of Anti-Semitism in Art -- From Medieval to Modern Times | HuffPost

'His latest book is "Jesus, Jews, and Anti-Semitism in Art: How Renaissance Art Erased Jesus' Jewish Identity and How Today's Artists Are Restoring It."'

'And now, persuasive evidence has emerged that we should put to rest the notion that Renaissance art was not driven by ideology. '

'Apart from Jews "witnessing" in these paintings, there was no anti-Semitism or demonization of Jews in eleventh and early twelfth century Medieval Christian artworks, Lipton confirms. ', "A 2012 exhibit at the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art in Israel displayed over three hundred pieces of explicit anti-Semitic art -- mostly post-Renaissance to modern times -- from Judaica dealer Peter Ehrenthal's six hundred piece collection."

'That fact can be easily verified by a tour of any Renaissance art gallery, exhibit, or by examining books that display religious paintings from the Renaissance. '

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