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Muhammad was known to have a red beard

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and pale skin and blue eyes iirc?

which indicates aryan connections that (((SO CONVENIENTLY SEEMED TO HAVE VANISHED FROM MODERN ISLAM)))

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I wouldn't mind a copy of that. :)

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Mohamed probably looked more like his near relative holding the pic.

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Why'd they make him look like wolverine?

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Well they do fuck dogs so there's that

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goats ... and donkeys ... and camels ... but most Muslims hold dogs in high contempt. Equated as westerners equate sewer rats. So, while I don't doubt it may happen, it just isn't as common as the goat rape.

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I wish I was good at drawing. Id make a shitty ratty hamhead busily scurrying off to sermonize while tiny aisha pulls on his dress and tries to scrub the jizz stains off. -sahih bukhari 4:232

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10 bucks?

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No, many of European descent use what we call a period where we would use a comma. I think that would be confusing as hell when your number goes to the thousandth place.

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Ahh roger that.

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The digits are significant!

And ... there is a thousandth of a dollar enumeration called a "mill" ... it's $0.001 and it's mainly used in property taxes (and gasoline prices).