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Well they must be flying around in hover cars and using teleportation and shit then, being as they were never oppressed by evil whitey. Oh, they still live like savages? Fucking white men...

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They should be making needlessly incindiary race baiting posts online to a bunch of internet strangers... That would be way more civilized.

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But still not as civilised as getting triggered by said online posts, thats the pinnacle of civility.

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That's an entire culture and chapter of history that is going to pass down stories of 'Aliens'. And in 600 years time someone's going to find their carvings and talk about how aliens visited the ancients. And then we'll go round in circles again, just for the fun of it.

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There are something like 20-30 or so "untouched" tribes that have little to no outside contact, and they all live in huts and use spears/bow and arrows, etc. Mostly South America and South East Asia (islands)

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can you imagine see a drone for the first time, without ever seeing electricity or a phone?

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Is that a big screen TV in that hut?

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Just because we didn't know about them, does not mean they don't know about us. Maybe they had contact with Francisco Pizarro's men. If so, can you blame them for moving farther in from the river and not coming back out?

Or maybe news of the outside world spreads by word of mouth from neighboring tribes until it reaches these guys.

OR maybe this is not a new tribe. What if it is a splinter tribe created in the last 50 years from another known tribe.

It's kind of presumptive to assume who they are and that they know nothing about us when no one will bother to ask them.

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Wasn't there a big hoax just a couple of years ago about the same thing?

That's just old man Abobo. He's been living in the woods for 20 years now.

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and the purpose of this is what? HARASSMENT of indigenous peoples quietly going about living their lives with NO knowledge of stupid TOYS like drones? How could this POSSIBLY effect them positively? WTF gives you the right to do this sort of thing, ESPECIALLY in someone elses country? Let's put these trespassing interloping "scientists" to death along with the illegal immigrants. I read a story about some dick who went down to the amazon and molested the trible children. Scientists have NO right to go to other peoples' countries and explore ANYTHING.

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Fuck these savages, we should conquer them and build a walmart on their land.

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It still sucks to be a savage I guess.

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I agree these scientists should leave them alone. However, I think an enterprising person could make a fortune by offering live action, interactive gaming where people pay to “interact” with these natives through use of drones. I’m still trying to work out the rules and points system, but I see two teams, one trying to drive them to move to certain pre-established positions and one trying to prevent the first team’s success. Penalties would be incurred due to loss of drones or injuries to the natives. I think this would be way better than TF2 or OW.

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I see your point. God knows you're joking too I bet. However I used to "torment" (he loved it) my dog with my R/C dune buggy around the house. He chased it and chased it an killed it over and over. Perhaps the natives would enjoy a similar experience?

Later on I thought about developing a dog tormentor vehicle, that perhaps had a water cannon on it, sound effects that interest dogs, food reward launcher...stuff like that.