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Stop fucking with @TheCool.

His wife was gang raped by a troupe of mime artists.

They performed unspeakable acts on her.

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What's white on top and black on the bottom?

What is black on top and white on the bottom?

Get it @TheCool? Here are some facts http://sociobiologicalmusings.blogspot.com/2014/09/shocking-stats-on-black-on-white-rape.html

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My favourite sexual position is the JFK.

I splatter all over her while she screams and tries to get out of the car.


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I've got one.

@TheCool did you know it's a fact that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape?

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Only 8. Her brother changed his mind

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12 blond guys were about to rape a German girl. She cried out "Nein! Nein!".

So 3 of them left.

@TheCool Because "nein" sounds like "nine"? Funny, right?

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This means that @TheCool is in reality a rapist.

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@thecool you should try this pickup line next time you're at Starbucks getting a soy latte:

Hello, my name is "Rape".

Remember it, you'll be screaming it later.

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@TheCool have you heard this one?

A man walks up to a woman in a bar and says, "You're going to get laid tonight".

A bit surprised, she asks, "Really? How do you know that? Are you psychic?"

"No, I'm just stronger than you."

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