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Someone's talking about this!

'@BlockMe Why Jews, Pakis, Turkish, Iranians, Isreali come on voat with filth, degeneracy & try disguise themselves as WhiteAmericans? example user Fhaqyu, TrueAmerican, Auralsects, Haredeenee etc etc' was posted in v/AnonTalk by @2725151 and includes this reply from @13880957:

Cryptomuslims on Voat are advocating for Sharia-lite 'Don't be fooled.' https://voat.co/v/anon/2658299

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hilarious tales? Like a Story from a Video Game Fantasy https://www.voat.co/v/AnonTalk/2709873

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Christianity is the dominate religion in America and most people don’t pay it much mind. Islam would have even less power over people.

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Kikes on Voat are advocating for Weimar Republic 2.0, don't be fooled.

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To be fare, kikes and kebabs both love degeneracy.

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Ah ad hominem attacks from anonymity.

The last recourse of a mental midget.

I'm sorry you got BTFO.

(virtual hug)