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You are so far away from the actual facts of that situation it makes my brain hurt.

I thought Atko sent a fantastic message. If you apply weapons-grade stupidity to the moderation of a high profile default sub, expect to have the rug pulled out from under you. And rightly so.

Edit: for those who are making full use of their new disagree button ...

you took sides on the /v/AskVoat debacle

While I don't intent to speak on his behalf, I strongly suspect he removed it from default because the outcry from the community was shitting up the front page, signifying a failure of the moderation team.

without ever even doing an investigation

He hit the nail on the head and recognised exactly why the community was up in arms over the recent mod behavior. Something which I and many others already explained in simple terms to the mods yet they still feigned ignorance of the situation.

Many mods have been trying to get a hold of you about much needed features for a month now, you say you don't have time

Yeah maybe because running an operation like this with three (?) guys and no reliable income stream is quite demanding on your time.

/u/she is the only active mod in /v/AskVoat

No, there were 3 active mods at the time of the removal from default (@she @shiny @flux) and now there are 4. (+ @stoic) You clearly haven't even seen the modlog.

and her request to take full control over /v/AskVoat has been pending for almost a month despite her being qualified to take over and matching all requirements.

All the clues you need are here not least of which the -157 IKP.

The whole /v/AskVoat controversy could have been handled if /u/she's request was granted

The whole controversy (at least, the one surrounding removal from default) was because the current moderation team failed, resulting in a massive backlash from the vast majority of users.

I'll be honest, in a couple of my subs I am afraid to enforce the rules out of fear you will side with the community

That's up to you I guess, if you have nonsense rules and enforce them with malice, alterior motives or downright ignorance, then expect to be called out on it. Furthermore, if you're not engaging, and showing some sympathy with the concerns of the community in your subs, you're making exactly the same mistakes that led to the /v/AskVoat debacle.