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I'm happy to help. I appreciate the support.


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Can you make a parody thread and just label it as a parody account? It would be hilarious. People do it on twitter, but its gotta be good


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Parody? I don't understand.

This campaign has been unbelievable. This isn't a joke to anyone, we have been so successful- everybody is excited about this tremendous campaign- we are going to make America so great- and it's all because of all of the great support I've received from fantastic people like yourselves.


We're going to win the nomination now that we put away Super Tuesday. It's incredible. But to your question about AMAs, I've already done two, and they were wildly popular, probably some of the greatest this website has ever seen.


First AMA

Second AMA


Of course, there are the occasional lobbyists that try to lie and deceive the community, but I have no problem slinging some mud back at the nincompoops who deserve it. They're finished, I'll shut them down with ease.


I appreciate your support, and I look forward to being your 45th President.


Let's make America great again!