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[You have been banned from v/announcements.]

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Yeah, when a person make a major communication hub, the level of respect for them from the users is about equal to their respect for the platform combined with their knowledge of the creator's habits on the site.

It's why Zuckerberg and the non-Swartz Reddit admins have lost almost all credibility from the knowledgeable users on their sites, since both sites and their creators have gone down a corporate route.

Atko and PuttItOut, on the other hand, have made a great site, kept moving it in the right direction (or, if they are starting to go in a direction that the community disagrees with, they change their plans), and seem like great people. They still have all of the respect that they started with when we didn't know anything about them other than "they made Voat".


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Never. I'm going to call him a faggot next time I see his comment. Then and only then can I get my medal. :')


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Nah we keep clockwork, he cool and gives a good perspective on shit and I see him on most posts haha

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