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Here's the big question though: Will it be material design?


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Yes, of course! I'll even have transparent notification and navigation bar support on devices that support it (I'm surprised at the number of apps that don't support's like 5 lines of code, most of which are just XML, and super easy to implement). At least where possible. I've been working on a Material Design app at my day job and I love working with it. The main content and comment threads will probably have to be webviews though so not least for the first version. I'll dig in a little more once I start working on the app (maybe tonight) and see exactly what I can do, but I don't think I'm going to be able to rely on the current public API much. I'm interested in seeing the new API /u/puttitout is working on and then migrate away from webviews to that when its ready. But title bar, login prompt, and menu options should be able to be Material Design. I'm also interested in scraping subverse CSS and having the app theme itself to match the subverse you are browsing (the app I work on at my day job does something similar).


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Oh boy, this sounds really cool and I'm all sorts of excited! Woohoo!


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Wahhh you're a rockstar! This is all such exciting stuff to witness even though I'm not behind the scenes greasin my elbows with you all. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


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Will it be on f-droid?