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i do not like this idea. it makes for lazy subscribers. why should people bother to comment on anything when there are several little emoji faces at the bottom of the article that may or may not quite totally represent how a user 'feels' about what's said in the OP? oooh this is an insightful post, let's just click that little icon under "Insightful" so it can seem as though i have something to contribute. next thread, please!

I absolutely agree. And on top of that, there is also the issue of possible discrepancy between the judgment value and judgment score. For example, while most of the time trolling is likely to get a -1 Troll, there are a few (as rare as they might be) circumstances where the quality of the trolling is such that a +1 Troll. Comments (combined with up/downvoats) are much better at conveying this kind of information and should be encouraged in this sense.