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@Atko wrote:

So, what do you think? Should we do away with moderators site-wide? I for one am happy to experiment and try something new. I don't recall seeing a site with a voting system like this (4chan with voting?) and who knows, maybe that's exactly what we need?

Moliver replied:

What if the Slashdot voting system were to be incorporated into Voat? Instead of a single polarizing up/down vote, how about 5 or 6 parallel switch votes. Informative, Insightful, Funny, Off-topic, etc.

FWIW, I registered at in August, 1998, just a few months after it went online (in late 1997). Furthermore, my Slashdot userID number is 9907. That's right, under 10,000. I was one of the first Slashdot users. I am very familiar with Slashdot.

The software that runs Slashdot is called "Slash," which had a feature that no other, social news software has chosen to implement: META-moderation. This feature acted as a significant check on a moderator's use of his privileges. During meta-moderation, a user reviewed the moderations of Slash comments and made a judgement as to whether the moderation was fair and reasonable. If the meta-moderator (and user) determined that the moderation was unreasonable, the moderator suffered a punishment. I cannot recall exactly the nature of the punishment, but, IIRC, it may have involved the loss of "karma," which is the counterpart to Voat's community points (CP). For more information on this matter, consult the O'Reilly book, "Building Web logs with Slash" (probably no longer in print, but available used on

IMO, Voat (& Reddit, for that matter) desperately need some form of META-moderation in order to check moderators' abuse of their privileges. Without meta-moderation, there is no check on moderators' abuse of their privileges.


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That only works on /. because their moderator points are few and far between. You only ever awarded 5 moderator points, they are only available for a limited time, and you can go weeks in between awards. It would not be possible to meta moderate a site like Voat with near infinite moderation just due to volume unless you had an army of people that never actually participated in the site other than to meta-moderate. Also to be able to meta moderate correctly you would need to have some knowledge of the subject matter which again played to /.'s strengths but would be very difficult on such a diverse site as Voat.