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. No one site can be all things to all people, and Reddit actually worked fairly well until the Admins started to take action which is ironically what the Voat users who were escaping tyranny of the Admin are asking you to do now.

That's a huge straw man. Nobody had any problem with admin's ban-hammering mods who act like dicks. We had problems with admins UNFAIRLY and HYPOCRITICALLY only targeting people who weren't allied with their hardcore feminist views. "Teh poor wymens" subreddits like SRS dare not be touched.

Hypocrisy is what drove us here, not some stupid 4chan "say literally anything and never have repercussions" bullshit that you're trying to make this about.

I, and many of us adults, have no magical fear of moderation and adminship done with a conservative, fair, hand because it cuts down on the bullshit without hitting people who have unpopular ideas.

I used to play a lot of Space Station 13. SS13 servers are typically run by 13-14 year olds. Many server admins had rules of conduct, tribunals, and so on for their server staff. They took complaints seriously, so even when shit happened, people kept coming back. If 14-year olds can manage to be civil, why the fuck can't Voat admins and moderators?


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You make a good point, the admins there rule with an iron fist. And everyone accepts that and plays by the rules. If someone doesn't, everyone can rest assured that sooner or later the ban hammer will catch up to them.


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