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If either you or /u/PuttItOut had specifically warned /u/she that she was on thin ice

Unfortunately /u/PuttItOut inflamed things even more by calling everyone who disagreed with /u/she being made the head-mod-in-charge as vicious and imply things about them based upon specific language (bitch, whore, etc) which he should've had the foresight to see was going to make people think 'Reddit all over again'.

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Admins just don't have the time to do what you're proposing, especially as the number of subs grows from tens, to hundreds (where Voat currently is), to thousands, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands (where reddit currently is), and beyond.

I think it's a better idea to delegate that responsibility to active users.

See more here:

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Hey I am a mod on /v/news. Whenever I see people start to complain about old articles, I go through the whole front page and all the articles are recent. Can you show me some recent examples?


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I see it quite frequently too.


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Hey, a mod from news, quick question, why all the politics in your sub? Where is all the actual news, all I keep reading is punditry.

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Holy shit, thank you for your kind words! @ShagginTurtles @chubnubbin @CaptainSweater @LegoMyEgo @BomTrady and I really appreciate it! :)

Okay, @ShagginTurtles the canadian is not so thankful


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You don't speak for me!

Fuck voat, fuck NFL, fuck the man, fuck the system & remember the alamo!


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I do a shit job and I like it that way!