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[–] 1916421? 5 points 170 points (+175|-5) ago 

Thank you for your thoughtful and reflective post asking for the community's input. It is quite the dilemma, but it really depends on what your goal is. No one site can be all things to all people, and Reddit actually worked fairly well until the Admins started to take action which is ironically what the Voat users who were escaping tyranny of the Admin are asking you to do now.

I like the idea of experimenting, but the short-term results of an experiment may be markedly different than what may emerge in the long term, so if you do experiment, please let it run long enough to get over the initial few months burst of activity, good or bad, and see where it's evolving.

It seems like the whole reason you're being appealed to for action, is that once you touch something, you sorta own it. Once you start deciding to hand out subverses against the wishes of the community, you own that, even though that wasn't the reasoning behind the decision, that was the situation.

Certain subverses that are "core" to a reddit-like system could be held to a different standard than the typical special-interest ones. AskVoat has Voat's name in it, for one thing, and run well, it should be a hallmark of the site, not "just another subverse", so if you do decide to create expectations for certain types of subverses, what would that be?


[–] jammi 0 points 95 points (+95|-0) ago 

AskVoat has Voat's name in it

That's actually a good point for special treatment. For instance, if someone had a popular subverse like /v/VoatHatesFagsAndNiggersAndWomen it'd be treated similarly, because it has the Voat "brand" in its name.


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I think it would be a good idea for branding's sake to have a rule that no one besides a site admin can create a sub with Voat in the sub name.


[–] WorldWideSpiderWeb 11 points 12 points (+23|-11) ago 

Whew! I actually clicked on that and I'm so glad it isn't a real sub. Awesome, great title, but I don't really want to live in a world alongside such haters. They'd probably hate puppies too, the bastards.


[–] pilgrimboy14 1 points 59 points (+60|-1) ago 

I would like it to be known that many of us came here from Reddit prior to the admin abuse due to moderator abuse. The default political/news subs over there are sterilized by the moderators.


[–] 1918137? 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

thanks for the reality check


[–] Coroner 12 points 6 points (+18|-12) ago 

Who cares? A sub creator should have complete control over the sub, they should be able to decide what who how the sub gets moderated. You don't like what the mods are doing, you're free to start your own sub or read and contribute to other subs. The only real issue I see is admin abuse, company employees censoring or influencing moderation, content and comments.


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. No one site can be all things to all people, and Reddit actually worked fairly well until the Admins started to take action which is ironically what the Voat users who were escaping tyranny of the Admin are asking you to do now.

That's a huge straw man. Nobody had any problem with admin's ban-hammering mods who act like dicks. We had problems with admins UNFAIRLY and HYPOCRITICALLY only targeting people who weren't allied with their hardcore feminist views. "Teh poor wymens" subreddits like SRS dare not be touched.

Hypocrisy is what drove us here, not some stupid 4chan "say literally anything and never have repercussions" bullshit that you're trying to make this about.

I, and many of us adults, have no magical fear of moderation and adminship done with a conservative, fair, hand because it cuts down on the bullshit without hitting people who have unpopular ideas.

I used to play a lot of Space Station 13. SS13 servers are typically run by 13-14 year olds. Many server admins had rules of conduct, tribunals, and so on for their server staff. They took complaints seriously, so even when shit happened, people kept coming back. If 14-year olds can manage to be civil, why the fuck can't Voat admins and moderators?


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You make a good point, the admins there rule with an iron fist. And everyone accepts that and plays by the rules. If someone doesn't, everyone can rest assured that sooner or later the ban hammer will catch up to them.


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The problems at reddit predate the past year's admin overreach by several years. They started three or four years ago with /r/ShitRedditSays' expansion campaign. They infiltrated the moderator ranks of most default and major subs and banned so many anti-SJW users and deleted so many anti-SJW submissions that the site turned into a SJW megaphone. /u/she and her cabal wants to start the same system on Voat, and this cannot be allowed.