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wow, ok. I am busy with my life instead of the being in front of my laptop 24/7. And I was talking about posts or links to content not comments.

I like user sourced sites to read interesting content, and not everything that's posted is quality.

For example, when a heavily biased article (either direction) makes its way on to /v/politics and adds nothing to the conversation; I consider that a shitty post; There was one exactly like that yesterday, the only thing I have been able to down vote, and it wasn't an OpEd either. I like my "reporting" to be, what journalism used to be, well written and presented with both sides of the story as available at the time of publishing. Think about the crazy OpEd things that happened in the news surrounding that CEOs dismissal... not good reporting and not ethical at all. We should be making informed decisions based on neutral information, not the crazy MSNBC/FOX group think we get now that influences ideas and thoughts. Look to the SJWs and the crazy "liberty"/tea party folks for extreme examples of that byproduct.

/steps off soapbox