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It encourages participation in discussion. I think that's why most people like it.

It also makes you earn the ability/responsibility of downvoating.


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Yeah i think its a little intimidating for new users. Just yesterday I was enjoying actually being able to upvoat people, and as someone who has always been a lurker its removed what little ability I would've used to contribute.


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We have to keep trying new things until we find something that works. the problem with human society is that everyone is incredibly adverse to change and adapting to new situations, even in the name of finding a better way of life.

We became the dominate species because of our ability to adapt to environments around us, let us hope we never lose this.


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How do you know that the decision was "not the best?" There was no time to test it out. THIS IS NOT REDDIT and also, Reddit became crappy AFTER they initiated the SAME rule.

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