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[–] OneZero 11 points 20 points (+31|-11) ago 

All it did was provide an effective way for the majority to silence the minority. Posting just to get hivemind upvotes does not contribute anything of value to this site. Personally it did NOT make me want to "dig deep" to contribute. It just made me want to go back to Reddit where my account will not be crippled just because I post an unpopular opinion.


[–] AberdolfLincler 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I don't get how this makes sense to be honest. On Reddit, the hivemind is way stronger than it is/was on Voat, you have to be much more careful about offending the hivemind. People on Voat didn't downvote nearly as much, because they knew they had to respect that it wasn't a disagree button. You had to use it sparingly, on posts that you felt truly deserved it.

I've probably only been downvoated a handful of times on Voat, maybe once below zero. On Reddit, it happens constantly, over the stupidest things too. It doesn't seem specific to me either, because the votes are visible here, we can all see how rarely people downvoted.