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Is exclusion from /v/all really as bad as implied? I doubt those with small subverses (like myself) would be affected.


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Why? Downvoting is the soft censorship the voaters need! Mods should have less power, and the users should vote as they please to control the content.


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No, downvoting is what YOU like. There are places where it's utter shit. Letting subverses opt out of downvotes is amazing and smart. Plenty of places have "downvote problems" where a few dedicated shits run around on sockpuppets and obliterate comms. Since the things are of niche interest (specific minor video game subreddits, etc.) these places end up totally crapped on, because the normal rate of upvoting doesn't cover the few metatrolls.

I think the ability to block downvotes in a subverse is a huge competitive advantage this place has over reddit. Some places have the mods as god emperors, and others have them as people pruning spam and crap, and the type of subverse determines which is appropriate.

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It's a big problem on Reddit in debate subs (which Voat doesn't seem to be big enough to support yet sadly) because the side with more users downvotes the other side into oblivion. Even removing downvotes via CSS doesn't work, the same kind of asshole who downvotes people for participating in invited debate is the kind of asshole who will circumvent the CSS.


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I love this idea! If a subverse is properly moderated, there's really no need for downvotes. If someone spams, contact the mod.


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The reverse is more important. If the subverse has proper voters, there's no need for mods.


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If a subverse is properly moderated, there's really no need for downvotes.

That really depends. Depending on your goal for the forum neither upvotes nor downvotes might be necessary, or they might both be. I have nothing against a subverse opting for a no downvote feature, but I would not like that to be the only option for subverses. Proper moderation cannot replace the message conveyed by downvotes of users and it is entirely possible that could be a message crucial to a forum's proper functioning.


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Why? People say stupid shit and deserve downvoats.