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Does nobody else see the irony of Voat considering an outright hostile admin takeover of a sub?

The head moderator disappeared. Ok, pick one of the active mods to take over. Problem 1 is solved. You don't like how they're approaching the situation? Delist them as a default. Problem 2 solved.

Kicking them out of what is unarguably their subverse sets a really fucking bad precedent, in my opinion. What happens next? You disagree with how I'm running /v/Skyforge and I suddenly find myself taken off the modlist? If someone has a different idea for how a subverse should be handled, they can make their own. Isn't that the entire point of subverses in the first place?

EDIT: Seems my radical suggestion of "don't steal subverses from people" turned out to be a little controversial.

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"Is owner the right word?

This reminds me of the fights between groups of beachgoers. Everybody fighting over who makes the rules at an ocean that nobody owns.

Except two guys built this ocean.

I'm not trying to be a dick. They need volunteers to grow and exist. But they built it."

I get butterflies when strangers are dope.

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The community is what Voat is. The subverses are places where the community can share content and have discussions. If the community doesn't like a sub, they'll go to a different one. Pretty simple concept.

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/v/Skyforge has 24 subscribers, sorry if I offend you, but nobody cares how you run it.

That was my point, so no offense taken. It's a slippery slope, you start with (former) default subs and a couple years later you're shadowbanning folks and deleting subs you personally disagree with. Or did we forget why Voat suddenly ended up with a shitload of extra users?

Also, Atko is not doing any hostile takeover, he just delisted the sub and gave some guidelines to all the mods.

Right. Delisting it is a great option, absolutely nothing wrong with curating the default subs. An admin takeover is what's being discussed in this specific comment chain, though, and since @Atko is doing to "discuss it" I think it's safe to assume that the idea is being considered.

If you manage to get your sub delisted from the defaults, you are doing something wrong

Keyphrase being "your sub". As long as you're not doing anything illegal, you should be free to do whatever the hell you want with it without having to worry about your sub being taken from you.

But hey, we don't like the person involved, so let's throw our principles out the window to be petty and vindictive! That'll sure show that bitch, LOL


[–] Lullabyt 2 points 15 points (+17|-2) ago 

Kicking them out of what is unarguably their subverse sets a really fucking bad precedent

No. It's sets a perfectly healthy precedent. The users are powerless to stop power tripping. We can't vote anyone out. The next logical step is to have someone who can do the job for us before it gets really bad.

Moderators serve their community, not the other way around.


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As the moderator of /v/halflife, I agree, the moderator serves the community.

However, I don't know that allowing some sort of voting system would be the right way to do it. (This is the way I have seen sugguested)

I try not to remove any post unless it breaks the rules. I have removed one post for being spammy and breaking the rules.

I have put a lot of effort into designing /v/halflife, doing the CSS for /v/halflife, images for /v/halflife, etc. If someone disagreed with one of my opinions [unrelated to moderating], got their friends to be active in the subreddit so that they can sway the voat, then voat themselves in, I would be really pissed. I had done nothing wrong, but the other person got in simply because they have several friends.

With the voat moderators in/out setup, it would be very easy for SRS/SJW people to come in, take over a bunch of subreddits, shut them down, and effectively kill Voat.


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unarguably their subvers

I'll argue that. They did not create it. They did not build it up. She just walked into an.existing sub with an existing community and tried to ruthlessly push it toward her politics.

She has added nothing, and created nothing. She has no claim.


[–] Krael 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago 

So give it to one of the other mods.