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You're surprised? Atko doesn't just sit on his arse counting donation money, you know. He works hard, and actually pays attention to what's going on on Voat.


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I think I've been just so accustomed to the reddit admins that I didn't know something like this was possible.

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[–] SpaceRosa 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago 

Oh, I'm sorry, did you not appreciate being told how Subverserequest works? If a subverse meets the criteria for inactivity, and a user is the first to request it, they get. That is how it works. Normally. An exception has been made for /v/AskVoat because of the amount of concern people have, or more accurately because of the anti-SJW witchhunt.

No matter what you say, I don't think any of those users are sockpuppets, and certainly not myself. Or am I out of the loop and it's actually common practice to make sockpuppets 5 months before you use them and be an active user with it? How about you try being an adult and consider the possibility that people can have similar opinions without colluding? By your reasoning, half the people in that chain you linked must be colluding.


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I am like the abused puppy. I don't know why my Master keeps beating on me, but I have come to accept it.


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Sometimes it's easier just to convince yourself you love the rolled-up newspaper.