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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.

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[–] gatordontplaythatsht 1 points 26 points (+27|-1) ago 

Thanks for the nomination but I would have to decline and would prefer the askvoat community or a trusted mod would make a selection, I just don't think I have the proper amount of time or experience to manage such a large sub that needs attention. Once again thank you for suggesting me.

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[–] C4ptain 21 points -13 points (+8|-21) ago 

Nah, dude went on a tirade. There's all sorts of posts antagonizing her. He's the exact opposite....which is still not what you want as a moderator. Borderline obsessed with one user. His passion for hunting down censorship is admirable for a site that doesn't censor. But these are not moderator qualities.


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Hi, just a heads up, I created the verse v/DeletedAskVoat and added a link to you comment to the sidebar.