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I wasn't aware that it was abandoned. Thanks, I'll discuss it with @puttitout.


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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.

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Hi, just a heads up, I created the verse v/DeletedAskVoat and added a link to you comment to the sidebar.


[–] Krael 50 points 10 points (+60|-50) ago  (edited ago)

Does nobody else see the irony of Voat considering an outright hostile admin takeover of a sub?

The head moderator disappeared. Ok, pick one of the active mods to take over. Problem 1 is solved. You don't like how they're approaching the situation? Delist them as a default. Problem 2 solved.

Kicking them out of what is unarguably their subverse sets a really fucking bad precedent, in my opinion. What happens next? You disagree with how I'm running /v/Skyforge and I suddenly find myself taken off the modlist? If someone has a different idea for how a subverse should be handled, they can make their own. Isn't that the entire point of subverses in the first place?

EDIT: Seems my radical suggestion of "don't steal subverses from people" turned out to be a little controversial.

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unarguably their subvers

I'll argue that. They did not create it. They did not build it up. She just walked into an.existing sub with an existing community and tried to ruthlessly push it toward her politics.

She has added nothing, and created nothing. She has no claim.


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Some of the lads on my warthunder verse are great. @SmashedFinger @clownz and @biplane. highly recommended.


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Ill run it, Atko. With an iron boner fist.