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8 Chan Is also being hit as well.... Good Luck Patriot.... We are with you in this fight... I am sure that if you call we will come to help....or do what we can

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Censorship of a site indicates that site is over the target. But Soros is not the final boss of the globalist elites; he is NOT at the top of the globalist hierarchy.

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I wonder if this has anything to do with @TexasVet going to the FBI

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This is how alt accounts gain CCP.

censormynuts = voltronsdick = voltronsdicks + more (He's compelled to post that same PDF stuff - now on a website)

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Something big is coming

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It is just to disrupt right wing sites until after the election.

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It's called a midterm election. Republican voices must be silenced so that the left can control all of the conversation.

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Nah. I came just 3 minutes ago . All good guys, everything is fine now !

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We have not been able to access our yahoo email. All of a sudden and the site isn't reported as being down.

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Was getting hit with errors on gab. Somethings up.

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Isn't he Lithuanian or something? Slovak?

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you can be a patriot and not american..

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@Atko is of Bosnian origin.

No idea about Putt - sanegoat would repeatedly post his name but I don't think it was Slovak or Lithuanian.

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They must want those videos of the "migrants" being put into trucks kept a secret....

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Yes the Jewish trucks

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Not the good kind with built-in ovens.

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Which are not being attacked by thieves or anything. Which proves how much control the jews have over Mexico and the cartels. They all know that if they attack a truck with the star on it, they are in deep shit.

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The homo-mobiles?

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Well thats not really a secret is it now, they display it openly.

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Sure don't see those migrant trucks on the MSM!

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and you wont. not in their best interests to tell the truth.

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I have to admit I saw it on ABC this morning, and the number was up to 7000 migrants. That, and Bob Barker has been rushed to the hospital.

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or the one of the huge bus on the bridge

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Did we piss off powerful people again?

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What do you mean, again? Did we stop at some point?

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Truly powerful people don't DDOS.

Cowards in desperation, on the way out do such things.

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Almost certainly.

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ive learned that simply saying nigger irritates a lot of fucking people

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Bix nood?

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Tokyo Breakfast https://vimeo.com/64429070

"Your stock went down, niggah!.." 😂

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right before midterms (((they))) must be desperate

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Its not election meddling when the parentheses do it.

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Pure coincidence I'm sure :)

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If they're that desperate they can jump off a cliff. Problem solved.

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The beast is on the run, desperate and starving https://cst.org.uk/wp-uploads/2010/05/AL-Watan23.jpg

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don't lose your caution. I think being free of these people is going to hurt.

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I'm not exactly proud that I spend so much of my time here.

But the fact is I am here all of the time, everyday.

Voat must be very important to me. Without it I would feel completely isolated from any like minded people of my tribe.

My endless gratitude, Putt.

Please do what needs to be done to keep the masts billowed.


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I understand. Reddit great awakening was my life line to like minded people, cant find it in church anymore. Those Christians are dead minded. Before that it was CBTS until they pulled that down aling with great awakening. Joined voat when Q posted link, now their attacking us here. Must be those NPC memes that blew their Gasket. I would like to think it was Wikileaks dropping new info to bring Hillary down but Im more inclined to think its the invasion of the caravan. Its their ops so they need to control the narritive. Maybe they are afraid we might unite and take our guns to the border.

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Funny bc at the local churches where I live they are literally red pilling left and right and preparing the community for what is coming. I guess living in rural areas makes things like more likely. My local community is woke as fuck.

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We have the military, which Trump has said he will use if/when necessary.

I imagine groups of republicans with guns marching to the border and things getting out of hand is exactly what they're hoping for, because then it's very likely that chaos ensues, and people will become scared and easily manipulated at the perfect time - right before the midterm elections.

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Its their ops so they need to control the narritive. Maybe they are afraid we might unite and take our guns to the border.

Trump can easily counter that false narrative simply by going on national tv and announcing that Hillary's sealed indictment has been unseal.

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Exactly how I feel, honestly. I keep wishing I knew more people in my real life who were more informed. It's just so sad to see everyone I know completely engulfed by consumerism and orchestrated distractions to really care enough about truth and what's really going on in the world around them. Not a lot of people I know care much for philosophy, critical thinking and such. I try to stay aware of my phone and mindless Internet consumption these days, but I budget some evening time or at least a work break for this every day because, like you, it's become pretty important to me to check in on the site.

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I share that feeling exactly. It's mind boggling how igorant people are and want to remain.

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I hear you. but in our defense things are coming to a head and the information is coming hard and fast, and then disappearing just as fast. have to keep on your toes to process it. I do the same thing and its amazing the amount of stuff people are missing out on. try to talk about it in public you just get blank looks or the good old "I love you man, but youre nuts". were witnessing he most amazing period in human history, everyone should be as attentive as we are. but i'm getting fat from all the popcorn.

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I can relate! I try to tell my family and friends.. they get that deer in the headlights look.. or they roll their eyes... the MSM has done a bang up job of putting everyone to sleep... no one questions anything... worse, many just are not interested in anything their government officials do! Crazy! One person told me they would believe it when they heard it on the news... sigh....

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haha same! its even harder trying to explain whats happening when you live in another country and have to explain American politics too into the conversations for them to get it! Im the nutty friend too...i feel your pain

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had to cut back on the butter and salt.

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Honestly, I’m more of an independent Trump voter than a hardcore conservative, but this is the only place where I can find actual, real verifiable information and news that isn’t complete bullshit propaganda. Love you QRV!

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I'm the same.

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Thanks for sacrificing your time. Please do what you can.

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He's investing it. Sacrifice is a bad word around some places

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Putt for propaganda minister in all red america when?!

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I mean, this site is a shithole. So sacrifice may be the right word. I will admit though, I do enjoy this shithole much more than others.

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No way, dude. It's "privilege" that gets checked now, remember?

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8ch experienced an attack this weekend and the site operator said whoever it was had deep pockets. Was wondering if Voat was next.

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Voat endured a ~30 day DDOS previously (among countless others). I know who did it and 'deep pockets' is an understatement.

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Some day you'll have to tell us who Mr. Moneybags is.

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Wow, what a thing to know. Thanks for all you do Sir! I pray what needs to be done is clear to you and that it doesn’t put extra strain on the existing responsibilities that you have.

Take care you!

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Time for some lecture from Professor @PeaceSeeker, Voat's historian.

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I know who did it and 'deep pockets' is an understatement.


I hope we keep them up at night and in constant expensive discussion with their crisis management team!

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