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Bit of a strawman there, I have never seen anyone claim whites are pure, just that they are most successful when their own societies are not undermined by non-compatable races.

For instance, are you comfortable when a Jewish lead admission board at Harvard is over 3000% more likely to admit a jew than a white christian? Are you comfortable with areas of our great cities being ridden with black and latino violent crime? Are you comfortable when every demographic besides white europeans is voting for socialism and expanded government?

The thing is, we are objective on voat. There are almost no forums where you could question even the slightest details of the holocaust. You cannot question why you are being systematically replaced as a people. The fact that you call these discussions "angst" is a reflection of your own indoctrination from decades of (((public schooling))) and a diet of media that influenced your mind from before you could even frame a complete sentence.

You may think of yourself as a "moderate" and above all this stuff we get upset about, but those people from reddit would silence your moderate opinions just as quickly as anyone else from here. Let me tell you that you have a luxury of free speech here because we embrace white european culture and have rejected Jewish rules of debate that are explicitly designed to undermine discourse. So appreciate what you have.


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Well said.


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I think we have developed our own culture here. No one knows who you are or what race you are. We are all equal and can share what we find with others who are interested.

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Your post history is full of posts like these where you attempt to throw around a bunch of swear words and try to add divisiveness to the conversation. Whether you are a troll or attempting to shill I can't tell, but it doesn't matter either. You do not write like an educated white European.

If anyone is reading this chain, please take note of the manner in which voltronsdicks writes. There are a few troll tactics at play, first is they will ask you to "source" everything you say, even if it is easy to reference. It's an attempt to waste your time so do not fall for it. Second, they will attempt to cuss and swear and throw pejoratives around liberally. This takes what should be a civil discussion and attempts to render it into a shouting match. Lastly in an attempt to blend in they will use words like nigger and kike. They never use the words correctly, they just pepper them in. It's pretty obvious from this particular users post history this is a common theme.

You can also tell when these posters are using multiple accounts, this poster included, I noticed how my post went from 16-0 to 16-3 within a course of a few minutes. So at the minimum we are dealing with three alternate accounts.