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What happens when being objective leads you to those conclusions?


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You don't have to talk about it every minute of every waking day. For example, if you're 60 years old and it'll take another 30 years to fix the problem then maybe you just wanna forget about it for awhile sometimes. People can't handle outrage nonstop and it just makes you pessimistic.


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You're making a completely new argument here.

The previous one was about our normal rhetoric being repulsive to others, and how (somehow) using that rhetoric is not being objective. So I'm not really sure why you're acting as if this comment is a continuation of either point.

As for the constant talk about it, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, not, "Eh, I need a break, so the rest of you stop talking about it now."

One of the only places on the net to discuss such things and faggots like you have to act like Jews and try to shut us up about it. NOT addressing the issue constantly, and pressing the issue constantly, is what led us to this sorry state of affairs.

Do you know who DIDN'T let up? (((Them))). Constantly, constantly whittling away at us. Never stopping to take a breath.

THEY have won up to now, and you want us to take a break?

Fuck you.


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We don't have 30 years. We very likely don't have 3 years. Shit is happening now.

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No, people have plenty of objectivity here, you just personally disagree with the facts so you pretend they don't exist.