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It's been so long I don't ever remember what my account was.


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I used to always Reddit, but I can't stand the place now. I came to Voat during the Pao boycott and then left and now I am back for good. I will never return to Reddit. I really do think it's a bunch of 12 year old boys and retarded college sheep there. However, I do agree with Putt about the posting problem. I fear Voat might be getting a reputation as a site full of hate speech, but only because anything you write that doesn't conform to the sheep's ideas is considered hate speech. I would like to see an expansion of thoughtful posting. The things I love most about this site is there isn't that constant need to upvoat posts, so it makes it feel more honest when posts are upvoated. I enjoy knowing that I can say anything here and won't endure the wrath of SJWs, even though I may still be called faggot cunt. I'm okay with that tho. I did try to sell my Reddit account and nobody wants it - says a lot. Thank you Putt for keeping the fire going and not giving up.