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dear @atko @atko @atko @atko @atko, it's sanegoat. i would have loved to help you with your site, but you let criminal paid shills take it over. please note that puttitout allowed an openly transvestite, autistic SJW code voat for a year, puttitout banned 400+ users for upvoting but allowed shills to downvoat brigade freely, puttitout lied freely and repeatedly to the userbase, allowed shills to code in massive levels of censorship, and worse, he hasn't done subverse transfers in over a year, and has stopped taking ad money and donations - - for months; no more transparency, users don't get to participate in developing voat - only the shill cabal in private... voat is functionally dead.

seriously. puttitout is the worst thing to happen to voat. worse than kevdude or even fuzzywords, because puttitout gave these shills the keys to voat. for example, they have a downvoat bot tied to voat's api to auto-downvoat users they don't like, so as to keep them in -ccp account restriction censorship.

this site is a joke of what it once was.

either take the site back from fatty @puttitout

or i will continue to make the replacement and in a few month, take this site's legit userbase to a land without censorship

voat, i will kindly note at this point that @atko refuses to directly talk about the takeover. this sounds more like kevdude or crensch talking than it does atif colo..