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just a little rearranging is all

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Atko is only in beta?

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That fuck will forever and always be in betta.

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A lot of people were worried, it seemed surreal, for more than 2 days being out, no message from anyone, and reddit and 4chan censoring voat discussion, we were a bit paranoid about the whole thing. It made echoes on the web.

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ATS Mods trashed 2 threads that I know of that mentioned Voat by name, 1 made it through but it was in RATS and instead of saying Voat they said the goat pen. It was freaky as fuck seeing the same thing almost everywhere, it appears the rest of the internet doesnt like us very much

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When looking for an alternative I found an article, "Good riddance to Voat, Reddit's ugly clone".

Then I looked at the date and saw it was back when putt had cost issues. They acted like we were done.

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If by ATS you mean AboveTopSecret it is 100% cointelpro. I busted that place years ago along with a few other members. I wont go too far into because I'm not sure this is what you are referring to but if it is I have some stories right out of Langley. I tripped them up and caught their asses. I also received threats. Personal ones. They know where and who I am.

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And the danger of this is that when something happens for real, all the websites are going to take the same attitude and websites like voat will start disappearing without a fight.

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I wonder why they dont like us lol. Its fair because we dont like them either

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To be fair, anyone who went to Reddit deserved to be censored. And 4chan has not been the same since Gamergate and the creation of 8ch.

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I think there is merit for dropping links there to preview, boats, and 8chan while we regrouped.

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I came to voat from reddit, and still check it sometimes just to keep up with what the few gaming subs I like are doing, and the handful of places that are talking about real things. Mostly in private.

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Why does 4chan censor Voat discussion?

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Because its Reddit in image board skin.

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The Chan's don't want anyone to have trap-free discussions.

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may be considered off topic depending on which board you post it in.

I saw a few voat threads on 4chan up for a while though

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Because they drown any posts not related to R34

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It felt like a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feared something terrible had happened.

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How apropos.

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Thank you for getting us back on line. I think that it may be time for us all to ask some hard questions. Voats weakness is that it relies solely on one man. If Putt fails Voat fails. Perhaps it's time for us all to face some hard truths. I hope that we see Putt soon, and he takes some time to speak us as a community.

It is obvious from this that Putt needs help, and perhaps resources. Voats future is up in the air right now.

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I got a hard truth for yo right here in my pants.

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All quarter inch of it?

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Might be a hard truth, but it ain't no big truth.

Don't disappoint @Trigglypuff, let a man take care of it.

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i was going to make that same joke but im 7 hours late

friggin time zones

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decentralization is what we need. I've been looking around and I'm thinking I might try out something like Retroshare, Syndie or Aktie.

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decentralization is what we need

agreed and redundancy too

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depends on what you mean.

i suggest a centralized place to discuss, but decentralized data, network.

thoughts? holochain looks nice.


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We should pay for services we enjoy.

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Voats future is up in the air right now.

Quantify the membership into currency to pay for the security for the site, pay for the headaches of dealing with the site and ancillary needs, that would be the future. It does appear painfully obvious that free speech has a value but what is it?

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I hate to say it, but Voat should look at some of their competitors. Phuks has a good system for donations. Reddit has gold/advertising. We could do membership? This site needs money.

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You're the man @Atko! Way to sweep in and get it back up....I can't believe how small the internet seemed without this place.

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You sneaky sneaky fuckers,

While we were all sitting around shitting ourselves you were just chillin waiting for us all to disperse to the shittier corners of the web to advertise the site, lurkers like myself came out of the woodwork and 1000's of people who hadnt heard of Voat are now going to check the place out and hopefully ingest a few redpills.

4D chess at its finest, I tip my non existent hat to whoever thought up the plan.

That is what happened right? It wasnt just that the sites modem needed to be switched off and on again or something like that was it?

Anyway the thought of never being able to come back to this site was unpleasant, from today I promise to shitpost regularly, bring in as many newbies as I can and never take the place for granted by just lurking like some little bitch.

I dont know what I would have done without this place and all you awesome niggerkikefags

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2 questions for you:

1 Are you able to tell us what happened?

2 If you are able to tell us, When do you think you'd be able to explain to us what happened?

(The big concern here is wondering if it was 3rd party intervention causing Voat to go down or if it was just a database error. I'm sure some of us would like to know if our free speech here is trying to be stifled or extinguished.)

Thank you for all the hard work! I really appreciate everything you do.

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Q said it was bad actors

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Everything I read on the Chan, I read with 1000% skepticism.

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And Q is a LARP

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Q replied before being asked the question. Wow. The q post replied to something else.

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Thanx a lot adam sandler

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Thank you @atko, and thank you @puttitout

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