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This antisemitism is exactly why Voat struggles to stay afloat. If PuttItOut got rid of the racists on this website, then advertisers would come to Voat, and PuttItOut wouldn't have to struggle with this code. Instead, we get people like you that spread racism in every topic, making Voat a pariah across the Internet.

As long as PuttItOut continues to coddle racists, Voat will forever remain in Reddit's shadow, and will continue to be attacked by those who fight against racism. I pray that PuttItOut does his part to purge Voat of bigotry - or this won't be the last time that Voat goes down for a day. I guarantee it.


[–] Eualos 1 points 50 points (+51|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I'm Jewish. I don't mind the antisemites. It's people like you who command everyone to be like you that I can't stand. Go drink some draino.


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get back in the oven you kike fuck


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Jewboy Stevenson offering shekels for code and freedom. How nice.