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What are you a Muslim?


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Christian. Kjv of holy Bible is pretty close to the word of god (and the heavenly father gives us discernment to deal with the satanist "jews" who screw with it). One thing that has been tampered with , in my opinion, is pushing wine and alcohol and removing references to other drugs like weed and psilocybin mushrooms.

Alcohol is super degenerate. I also have first hand experience with that as a former alcoholic.

If you want to drink, drink, but it's a degenerate drug and society is fucked for supporting it so much.


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Sometimes I drink until I see God.... am I doing it right?


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Pretty close to the word of God... Ha.


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KJV is fucked up. King James had the whole thing edited to suit his political ends. Now that's gotta be peak corruption right there.


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Drinking to excess is degenerate, enjoying a glass of wine, a nice beer or a good whiskey is far from it. Social cohesion is important to a healthy culture - sharing food and drink with friends, family and strangers promotes this. Especially if the food and drink is made with love by those serving it.

Most substances are not degenerate, excess usage or wrongful usage is. E.g. Opiates should only be used as a painkiller in dire circumstances, not as a recreational drug. Cannabis should be processed for medicinal benefits for those that require, but still only occasionally used for recreation. Same goes for mushrooms. Even LSD has its uses.

Unfortunately our society is suffering from a sickness of greed and its symptoms are misery, to which many try to self medicate. I wrote a recent submission to whatever that kind of outlines what I mean by this.