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Yikes, thanks for getting this out there!

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Well if I knew anything about coding I'd help!

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You don't need to have any skills in programming at all to find bugs. If you have time, just visiting the preview site (currently dubbed Voutgres) and trying to use it as you would ordinarily use Voat can help unearth as-yet undiscovered issues.

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It won't even let me log in.

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I code what do you need?

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Wait so I don't mean to sound dumb but I looked at the original post and it seems like you have to be on a computer? I can't do it on a tablet?

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From the memes I've seen, it's really all about attitude.

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I know nothing about Coding, all i do it click on buttons, write some stuff. And if something doesn't work as expected i just submit that find. It's easy. But be careful, it's is addictive.

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Yeah it was that easy!! @VicariousJambi, come over at http://preview.voat.co and help :-). Make sure you create a test account with a temp password.

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They're not hacking to shut down the site. They're hacking to get information about people that frequent here. It's a state-sponsored actor.

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I received an invalid SSL certificate warning when visiting voat in the past week ... once and only once. Could have been a sophisticated MITM attack, or a fluke( if that's possible).

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That is weird. Let me know if you see this again.

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If it's truly state sponsored actors, they have the master VeriSign keys and could spoof a legitimate certificate which your browser would accept.

Did you get the actual error the certificate returned?

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It could be both, an attempt to shut down the site while they use the information to go after everyone who frequents here, although if it truly is a dig for information, they're likely going to want that information leak to stay quiet to keep their targets using the same service (like they tried to do initially when they found the Al Qaeda messaging forums, and the Op sec was ruined by some New York Times and Washington Post reporters revealing the trick to the world).

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I remember deciding you were a shill once... I can't recall why though.

What makes you so sure this is a state sponsored attempt to reap data?

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"Information about the people that frequent here" If anybody is smart enough, they'll try to avoid positing any important info about themselves on a site like this

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We may be in for an organized attack in the near future.

Last time this was foreshadowed I voted "Yeah, it'll happen" and now I lack a blackmail wizard badge.

Until I feel we can improve Voat’s system, we are not going to change anything. I think it's clear that while our current system isn't perfect, it isn't critically flawed either.

This is perfect. It irks me to no end that the potential exists for non-spammers to be afflicted with spammers' restrictions, but unless we can find a solution that does not threaten to reduce Voat's liberty, I think inaction is wisest.

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The last time was a random threatening email rather than actual exploit-feeler programs.

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I know, I'm just making a joke. This time we have actual evidence, and the desperate need to get the Port carried out has always existed. Now the need is just more desperate.

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This is truly the best goddamn community. love my goats

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ENABLE SSL ON THE TEST SITE. Otherwise, sorry it's not worth the risk.

I will say within the last 24 hours merely being on Voat spikes my CPU for reasons I can't explain. There's no external access that I can see and I'm not viewing any new subs.

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Test site is completely sandboxed. There is no real Voat data there and that includes usernames and passwords. You have to create a new account and we specifically state to use a temp password because of the lack of ssl.

Also all data will be purged when we move stages.

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You had an Idea.

You have the Respect and Loyalty that others have not. You have self Respect, that we Reject not.

I am Afraid of You.

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Don't think you understand why it is we use SSL then? Kind of disturbing tbh.

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Install wire shark and observe your packets

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brace yourselves! btw putt can you give us numbers on how we're doing on funding?

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I think this is complicated due to how much of what Voat has is stored in BTC -- which may or may not have been cashed in. In the past few months BTC has oscillated between something like $2000USD/BTC to $4200USD/BTC, where it is now.

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I just wanna know when to donate more so the site stays up, a ballpark of how much we have and need would be fine if he has time

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Anything beyond basic user testing we should focus on?

Problem areas?

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The more people we have testing the better.

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Ok so post more scat? Got it.

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I feel like you adjusted your comment right after Putt responded so his answer might not have been what you were hoping for. But essentially we don't know what doesn't work until we try to use it. You can visit /v/voatdev to get an idea of what things people have already thought of, and maybe that will inspire you to look into things that have yet to be looked into.

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Good catch.

I only edited a redundant phrase so I wasn't so verbose or repetitive :)

FWIW, I've spent some time on the previous version of the preview site & it looked great, but I'll be happy to do some more shit posting.

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