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The problems with that system become "how do we keep it out of the hands of power-hungry moderators who would use it against anyone they disagree with?" and "how do we make sure that normal users are almost entirely unable to be banned in this way?".

No system is ever going to be 100% perfect for 100% of the cases. Voat is trying to focus on Freedom of Speech (as a direct response to sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook focusing on Censoring "Hate Speech"/Wrongthink), so we're willing to deal with a little more spam and unfriendly behavior if it means that we are more likely to have free and open discussions on any topic we need to have a discussion about. If we try to focus more and more on dealing with the spam, we'll slowly move towards site-wide censorship and start an arms race between the spam-bot creators and our anti-spam software that will only result in either "the site getting overwhelmed with spam via high-quality spambot accounts", "the company going bankrupt after spending all of their money on new anti-spam R&D rather than their main product", or "the company offering ways for advertisers to directly pay the company in order to let the advertisers run shill bots on the site as they pleased".