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SCR you are bringing up a very important issue.

There are worst things at Voat than spammers.

Spammers have been around forever, there are all kinds of tried and true ways to deal with them. The only decision is one of cost benefit. How much spam are you willing to tolerate.

The majority of the internet see us as an enemy. If policies are changed so they can come here and attack Voat easier. It won't be long before they do so in droves. Current Voat users who value this forum could quickly find themselves in the minority here.

If the defensive tools in place are subject to some kind of gun control and confiscated in the name of free speech idealism, who knows what would happen.

Another user who is more damaging than spammers is the Amalek Sane Goat spergelord.

The important issue isn't whether there's any kind of punishment. But whether your peaceful Mom and Pop users are free to navigate the subverse paths of Voat freely.

Already there is leftist mobisms of all sorts that constantly erupt from time to time.

Don't repost that. Don't link to the New York Times. Don't use imgur. Don't mention Reddit. Don't use YouTube use HookTube. Use archive don't directly link to certain sites. Don't post a girl with boobs spilling out of her swimsuit with out an NSFW tag. And on and on.

These are all valid arguments, but the way they are constantly shoved in everyone's faces is not warranted. For most users, it degrades the utility and enjoyment of the site.

Look at how everytime Putt comments he hears about Discord. Or sob stories about free speech being limited. Maybe Putt just wanted to use the site to talk about his golf game or his struggles with the site.

Does it make sense that no one can have a moments peace, without some spergelord getting hysterical about whatever issue he sees as of vital defcon 5 level immediate action and sitewide concern.

I don't see why anyone needs to be banned right now. It seems like things are pretty good for the most part. The only problem I see is there isn't as much good content in v/all as there could be. But isn't that always the case?