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have negative CCP exist with a timed expiry.

As in, after n hours CCP reverts to the previous 24 hour period.
This prevents long term effects of one off pitchfork emporium sales events, but also permits an auto control on accounts that consistently gain negative CCP on purpose.

If an account gets 3 consecutive resets of negative CCP they enter into a 7 day expiry cycle. After 3 consecutive 7 day resets they account enters a 30 day reset envelope,

This can still be abused of course and mechanisms need to be conceived to prevent that, but the overall goal is to not have "trusted" users become the arbiters of what this community is and is not.
What it also might do is encourage the less civil users to find other means of communicating what they care about that don't involve hostility to the participating users.

The recent 'botting' events and other things I encounter daily show a clear need for the types of reforms you're proposing, but something I'm very weary of is assigning any kind of authority to subsets of users.
Reddit has shown, consistently, the enabling of cabal user groups is the first step to removing free speech of the community.

Almost all the tasks involved in stopping spammers and abusive users can be designed into automatic responses as a software tool, including remediation and reconciliation for when it goes wrong.