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[–] Crensch 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

The first thing that will happen is the CTR/ShareBlue cunts come back and endlessly post their outright lies, again.

Also lying is not grounds for censorship.

No, but saturating this place with obvious lies, and manufacturing popular support will reduce the amount of real estate for legitimate users. If I have to scroll through 3 paid-for 'opinions' for each decent comment I want to read, it won't be long before I find the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

For every paid-for opinion, the amount of visible real estate for legitimate users shrinks, and it will continue to shrink until the non-paid-for opinions stop showing up, because it's not worth fighting for the small spaces left.


[–] 10248379? 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

If there are that many paid opinions to block out actual content chances are something is being spammed and those involved will be banned and the content removed. If content isn't being spammed then refute their points, or downvote and move on. Downvoting will still enable us to push undesired content to the bottom and even collapse bad comments. It just won't be the force responsible for getting accounts restricted and then banned.


[–] Crensch 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago  (edited ago)

My other response works for most of this, so let's continue most of it there. The only thing I'll say here is:

If content isn't being spammed then refute their points, or downvote and move on.

How many downvotes will be needed when it's found that Shareblue can't be fettered by the users? Having to downvote the same user in every political submission will really put a damper on use of this site.

People are going to either stop, or write a bot to do so for them, so they don't have to do it themselves.

I'm interested in who these supposed legitimate users are that are limited from posting. I'd love to see their comment history.