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A team of trusted community members, surely

ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT, are you fucking high?


[–] ForgotMyName 4 points 11 points (+15|-4) ago 

A team of trusted community members, surely

Let's call them "mods". Let's collude with them to influence the content on the site. Let's call ourselves "reddit."


[–] 10248364? 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago  (edited ago)

@9347723491 the only power these people would have would be to assist with the process of spam-flagging. You two realize that with Voat's system we cannot ever possibly become reddit? All moderator actions are logged publicly. You can't just ban users or comments without others being able to see it or know. The flagging of spam is something we already do in order to ban spammers; this would just remove the necessity for negative CCP restrictions and consequently we would need more people doing the flagging. If said people flag something as spam that is not spam, we will all know and that person will be removed.

Colluding with the flaggers to influence site content? How exactly would that be done? They have no power to influence content.


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