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Maybe even have an automatic limiter in place for new accounts that are posting 20+ comments/links within an hour to be reviewed as well.

Yes please!

And a possible alternative to deal with spam flooding that would be friendlier to new users could involve having the system to automatically report sudden surges of posts or comments. I'd envision something that would detect lots of posts from the same domain or user or IP address - or if any other metrics exist to detect the same source it could use those. Then all those reports would end up in a queue along with the stuff that gets lots of user reports, and a human can review the domain/user/etc. and filter or ban as appropriate. The important part is that certain actions should set off some alarms so they can be dealt with, and flooding and a high number/percent of spam reports should both be easy to detect.

If an automatic system is set up so some kind of rate limit is imposed when an account starts flooding, then when a report goes to the spam review process it should also have the option to flag that source as not spam and at least temporarily remove the restrictions on it. That way you aren't stuck with reddit-like restrictions and wouldn't end up with new accounts begging for karma to get around the filters. I really like ideas like PeaceSeeker's that don't negatively impact normal users, and I think we can build something that can deal with the spam problem and at the same time not be all that obtrusive or put up too many barriers.