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As a long-time contributor to v/ReportSpammers (hell, my entire history of submissions on Voat is more than 75% for that subverse), I am annoyed that my (~2) years of dedication to "keeping this site free of spam" has left me unable to downvote any submission whatsoever (when posts are normal, I am more likely to avoid voting at all rather than mindlessly upvoting or using the downvote as a "disagree button", while when posts are spam, I just go through everything and hit that downvote button on as many posts as I can find from the spam issue: long story short, I still need to upvote over 900 more submissions before I am even allowed a single downvote on spam posts).

If we're removing the restrictions from both the spammers and the people who have been mindlessly shouting opinions that the majority of Voat seems to oppose (just based on their inability to ever find a crowd that agrees with them enough to get a positive CCP again), then we should also remove the restrictions on the people who have experience dealing with the worst of the spammers.


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Yeah, that's an issue. Judging by my comment downvote ratio i'd guess 80% or more of my submission downvotes are from spam and I'm getting closer to your ratio by the day.